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Credits and References for the VisnuCraft Asia Blog 2000
Listed in 2001. Bad links culled in 2010.



The Mountain Institute
Peace Corps - Involved in the Makalu-Barun Conservation Program
Helping Hands - Volunteer opportunities in Eastern Nepal
Helping Hands - Colorado Univeristy Denver
Educators Trip to Nepal June-July 2001
Dr. Neal Thompson - neal at
Wet Dreams - Raft the Sun Kosi
The Last Resort - Bungy retreat over the Bhote Kosi
Babu Gurung, Guide - rgrg at
Shanta Hariyali (Green Peace) Trekking P. Ltd
Peace Tibetan Carpet Shop, Shankar Silwal
Dawn Till Dusk - dtd at
Acme Guest House - acme at


Santi Asoke - Idyllic Buddhist Sustainable Organic Commune
Summary of Santi Asoke
Greenway - Volunteer in Thailand and around the world
Volunteers For Peace
Peace Corps in Thailand
Buddha View Dive Resort

    Viet Nam

World Conservation Monitoring Centre - The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
Details on Cuc Phuong National Park - among other conservation areas in Viet Nam
Cuc Phuong National Park
T.F. Handspan Travel - customize a tour through Viet Nam

    Web Sites

Kirat Rai conference Dec 2000
Nepal and Himalayan Studies
Battles for Recognition at
NepalNet - Sociology
Mongol in East Nepal
Study of Ancient and New Nepal
PDF: - The Trade between East Nepal and India. By David M Edwards
Vietnam Science, Technology and Environment Page
Oxfam's Cool Planet: Vietnam
Peace Trees Viet Nam
VOV - Radio the Voice of Vietnam
Vietnam: The Silencing of Dissent
Mekongdaze collection of quality photos from Bhutan and Laos
Himalayan Hidden Valley: Trek Nepal's Arun River
Tsunami Bay Gallery
Adventure Photographs


Noam Chomsky
Brittanica's Summary of Southeast Asian Cultures
The Culture and Religion of Limbus.
Anthropology and Sociology of Nepal: Edited by Ram B. Chhetri and Om P. Gurung, Sociological/Anthropological Society of Nepal (SASON) Sociological/Anthropological Society of Nepal (SASON)
Rough Guide
Let's Go
Lonely Planet


Travel Country Outdoors
MiniDisc Digital Audio Recording
Diki Continental Exports


JoeDai Warriors
Marc Haggerty
Greg Brown
Sam Bush - Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride
Steve Earle
Himalayan Folk - Gaurab Music: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone 4-20917
Samkaew - Thai Folk
Thang Long Water Puppets of Viet Nam
Thet - Typical Nepali Folk Songs