Loose USB-C ports

If your usb-c ports are loose, don't let hardware support gaslight you. You don't have dirt in the ports, and you don't have to replace hardware with the same crap. USB-C might have a lot of benefits, but it is crap when it comes to locking solidly into place. That is the industry's fault.

Here is an easy, solid fix. Find some of these.

You can put stacked or folded paper underneath the cables, but I never found a perfect height, and the paper keeps getting kicked around by my fingers. Felt pads have a sticky backing and just enough give that you can make a tight fit without going too high.

I used a very sharp serrated knife, and sliced a thin layer off of the felt side. Here is a rejected slice in which the knife went went through at an angle.

Stick the pad to the bottom of the USB-C cable end. My displays are not traveling, so I don't care about the cable having something stuck to it. Trim the sides to fit, so that your fingers don't land on the sticky side, and so that the cable end seems natural.

Here is the other display cable. I padded the power cable as well, since I had the materials out.

Now my fingers can rest all they want where they naturally land. I was curling my ring finger in so as not to press on the cable. That is horrible ergonomics. Eventually a finger would rest on the cable, and all three displays would freak out for a full minute as they reset: power, window placement, dark mode, and flux.

Note also that stupid escape touch pad. Not only is the Macbook keyboard terrible, but this "fix" to the esc key by moving it over a little bit is still stupid. The middle finger ends up over there while resting the left hand or moving it off of the enormous trackpad. The esc touch pad responds to your fingertip even though you have no idea that you are contacting it. You can lose a paragraph or not know why something didn't work, because you hit escape. It is a very stupid design.