Raven Fork 89

Boogie board descent of Raven Fork, 1989

with Jeff Nelson, Tom DeCuir, and Tom Visnius

These are scans of prints I saw recently at Tommy D’s house in Portland, Oregon. They are from 1989. I was an equipment manager at NOC that year, and I remember storing one of the boogie boards, that someone had loaned me, at the Fort. It looks like Fall, because of the bright sky (mostly cropped), brown moss, low water, and extra neoprene. In addition to cropping, I messed with the lighting on each of these scans. Tom D says that he could re-master them, but I doubt that would be worth the effort. Enjoy another blast from the Smoky past. 

Tom Visnius, March 27, 2009. 

Photographs courtesy of Tom DeCuir, 1989.

Tom DeCuir

Tom Visnius

Tom V about to eat granite

Jeff Nelson giving Tom V a lift

Sure, there were some dry lines...