Thomas Visnius


Indiana University - Oracle and PeopleSoft Analyst, 2001-10

Hubbell Distribution, Inc. - Systems Admin, 1998

UNC-Asheville - Computing Consultant, 1995-97

Whitewater river professions - Various, North America, 1985-92

Languages and Environments: Oracle, SQL, C, C++, MPI, Maple, Matlab,

  High Performance and Enterprise Computing

  Spanish, Central America, Asia

Service: Higher Education User Group Conferences for PeopleSoft 2003-08

  Mathematical Association of America, Southeast Conferences, 1996-98


M.S. Computer Science: Scientific Computing - Indiana University, 2000

Complex Systems Summer School - Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, 1999

NSF Research Traineeship - Adaptive Systems Laboratory, Indiana University, 1998-2000

Complex Systems Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1997

B.A. Mathematics and Computer Science - UNC-Asheville, 1997

  Scholarship, Honors, and Distinction in Mathematics